I have lost my keys how can you help me?

  • Our qualified and experienced staff will gladly advise you on locks that need to be replaced or duplicate keys that could be made.

I am locked out of my house what do I do?

  • Call us – We are the best around and promise to keep the disturbance and noise level low.
  • We are always professional about our services

 My car keys are locked in my car.

  • Call us! We will give you an immediate quote, time of arrival and if we are unsuccessful, YOU DON’T PAY A CENT

Are you available for emergencies?

  • Our 24-hour mobile unit is available for any emergency work

I am Afraid That Someone Has Copied My Keys? Can You Help Me?

  • Yes, we will rekey your locks to render your old keys useless. We will then provide you with a new key for your new lock.

What Happens If You Need to Replace One of My Lock’s Parts?

  • We generally have no trouble replacing lock parts. The only exception is if you have a foreign-made lock that features components not available in the country. If this is the case, we will still do our best to find the replacement for your lock’s damaged part, but if that is not possible then we may recommend that you buy a new lock.

Call us for that quote!