Testimonial from Miss John | Locksmith Centurion

It was just before the sun could go down and upon trying to start my car. I noticed it just will not start.

This baffled me as I though how come? It worked perfectly last night? what could have gone wrong now, who do I contact at this time?

Stuck in the middle of a shopping centre mall that is busy and everyone is in a rush to leave. I stood outside and googled the closest locksmith to me?

The first one that popped I called – No answer

I called the second one that seemed to be the closest to me

They immediately took down my info and asked for my location.

I provided them with this detail and was told that they will meet me in 35 mins time.

I did not expect that, so I just sat on a bench at the shopping mall entrance

And within 25 minutes they had arrived

I was really impressed by this

The Technician asked for my car keys

He tried to start my car and it did NOT

He immediately said that it was a damaged Key – and it needed to be replaced

Asked if he could take my key with him and promised that he would be back in 30 mins

I agreed and waited patiently

He returned within 30 mins handed me over my new key at locksmith Centurion

It started a its first turn

What really impressed me was that he was so confident that it will start my car yet in my mind I doubted it.

My car started without any problems

He has a card machine -he handed me over my invoice – which was affordable

I swiped my card and was able to leave within a few minutes.

Extremely grateful to the professional, fast and efficient technician who responded to my query,


God Bless!